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Hi lovely.
my name is Jennifer, i'm 17, and i am from holland. My tumblr basically discribes me but if you have any questions always feel free to ask me anything or to talk with me.

Ps. Don't ever forget to love yourself.


when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests



michael’s voice is so under rated. like not him screaming or anything but his normal singing and his speaking voice is just so warm and strong. it’s like thick leather and hot chocolate at the same time and i want to have sex with it oh no

If it’s one thing that I could’ve done when I was like…I’m not a teenager anymore and that fucking sucks like I’m twenty just of like a few weeks ago but it’s like I wish that I could have been more myself when I was back at school and stuff and I wish I could…you know I just wish I wasn’t scared of doing that and it’s hard, but you know it’s just such a cool thing and you’ve got your individuality and it’s the best, you know? +


A+ parenting courtesy of the Turner family


reading the first question on a test you know nothing about



following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡


following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡


sorry mom im on chore limit ask me again at midnight

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